Holiday card writers wanted to spread joy

The Alliance for Greater Good invites you to Share the Joy by writing personalized, holiday cards to residents of assisted living and long-term care centers.

In 2020, Alliance co-founders sort and organize bundles of holiday cards written by volunteer "elves."

Holiday card writers wanted to spread joy to residents of long-term care facilities

Like everyone else, the Alliance for Greater Good can’t believe that we are entering another holiday season with staff and senior residents at long-term care facilities stressed and in isolation. It makes this year’s "Share the Joy" campaign even more important as the Alliance seeks to involve community card writing elves in putting warm holiday wishes in the hands of nursing home and long-term care facility residents.

In 2020, over 100 community members plus schoolchildren from four local schools wrote over 1,600 cards. Not only were the cards and notes appreciated by the 450 seniors who received them, but it turned out to be very moving and meaningful to the many elves and children who wrote the cards. The joy rippled and impacted far more people than ever imagined!

"The card-writing ‘elves’ provide the cards and heartfelt messages, and we'll take care of everything else.”

The Alliance is once again inviting community members to write personalized holiday cards to their elderly neighbors who are isolated, particularly as the recent upswing in COVID cases is significantly impacting long-term care facilities again. Lisa Vivinetto of the Alliance noted that, "While the COVID-19 pandemic has had many negative impacts, it has also brought out the kindness and generosity in others. The goal of the Alliance is rallying that kindness to address community needs." She added that for the Share the Joy event, "The card-writing ‘elves’ provide the cards and heartfelt messages, and we'll take care of everything else.”

The Alliance so far this year has partnered with the Edgewood Centre, Wentworth Senior Living, Webster at Rye, and Benchmark at Rye long-term care centers to give cards to their residents. If other Seacoast area facilities are interested in participating, please contact the Alliance.

The Alliance wants to spread joy, hope, and love this holiday season and let our elderly neighbors know that they are not alone. Help us spread the joy and show seniors that others care about them and wish them well.

To sign up for "elf duty," click on the following button and complete the registration form.

Once you have registered, we will send you the names of ten to twelve long-term care residents, along with detailed instructions. Cards must be completed and returned to us by December 14, 2021.

For more information on future events, visit our website or email the Alliance for Greater Good at

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