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World Kindness Day

To participate in the Kindness Challenge, stop by the Airfield Café located in North Hampton, NH starting at 7:00 AM on Sunday, November 6.  Bring your children and grandchildren and help us spread kindness. 


If you cannot join us November 6, download our World Kindness Day tools by clicking on the following buttons.  Give the gift of kindness.  One kind act can make someone's day.

We extend a big thanks to the Airfield Café for sponsoring this event.  If you enjoy our World Kindness Day tools, please take a moment to say thanks at

We Need Your Support Today!

What People Say

"I'm so happy to answer the phone when someone from the Alliance for Greater Good calls me.  I know they are coming up with another way to support our community and make it better...the Alliance for Greater Good is an awesome partner which really is doing Good in our community."

Seneca Bernard


"The Yoga @ Sunset event was the best part of my week. I am so thankful that you (the Alliance) are focused on the important job of caring for others during these crazy times. It felt good to know we were supporting a great cause while enjoying a beautiful night of self-care."

Wendy Joanis

Event Participant

..."The cards and the well-organized, decorated boxes are in the “WOW” category. We are humbled by the thoughtfulness of your generous elves. These are trying times...and it clearly takes a village. We are so glad the Alliance of Greater Good is part of it...” >>>>>

Natalie Allen

The Edgewood Centre

"The Alliance for Greater Good does not do anything by halves. When one of those hard working women calls me, I know a generous donation is on its way. Thank you for your contributions to our community."


Ellen Tully

Portsmouth Welfare Dept.

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