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Lantern Festival

News Flash!

We plan to host another Lantern Festival in 2024.  Details will be shared in March.  Stay tuned!


On September 30, 2023, we hosted a Lantern Festival and Community Kindness Campaign.  An official program partner of the Portsmouth NH 400 Celebration, the theme was "Illuminating 400 Years of Community Kindness." 


At dusk on September 30, hundreds of children and adults enjoyed lantern decorating, face painting, music with DJ Skooch; followed by the lighting and launching of the countless kindness lanterns on the South Mill Pond.  


Our mission was to inspire acts of kindness, shine light on the growing need for mental health services and raise funds for Seacoast Mental Health Services.  Kindness shone brightly on the South Mill Pond as we illuminated 400 years of community kindness.  The generosity of the community was amazing. Together, we raised $22,000 for Seacoast Mental Health Center, which will be used to help individuals and families with their mental health needs. 

If you missed the Lantern Festival, check out the video and slide show.  Enjoy!

Video courtesy of David Marcotte

“Beautiful night at the lantern festival! Thank you Alliance for Greater Good and all the volunteers that made this night of kindness such a success!” - - Deaglan McEachern, Mayor of Portsmouth

Thanks to our Sponsors

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1623 - 1722

In 1705, an accidental fire consumed the house of Reverend Nathaniel Denison Rogers, killing three people, including his mother and 17-month-old daughter, Elizabeth. The town came together and rebuilt his house. This is just one example of community kindness in response to a family tragedy in Portsmouth.

1723 - 1822

For over 200 years, Gather has been serving Seacoast residents facing hunger. The agency was founded in 1816 by a small group of women committed to feeding the families of fishermen and continues to actively serve food-insecure community members to this day.

1823 - 1922

During the 1905 Treaty of Portsmouth / Portsmouth Peace Conference the Wentworth By-the-Sea hotel donated accommodations to all delegates for the full 30 days that the conference lasted; and the Russian delegates were met with a warm welcome from Portsmouth’s Russian-Jewish immigrant merchants.

1923 - 2022

In 1939, Josie Fitts Prescott gave what is the core of Prescott Park to the city of Portsmouth. Josie continued to work on the project until she died at the age of ninety-one on October 2, 1949. Before her death, Josie set up a private trust of $500,000 to fund the park.  Prescott Park remains a public park, enjoyed by the community and its visitors. 

2023 & Beyond

In 2023, the Alliance for Greater Good and its sponsors will host the Portsmouth NH 400 Lantern Festival to ignite community kindness and improve access to mental health services by raising funds for the Seacoast Mental Health Center.

Illuminating 400 Years of Community Kindness

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