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Image by Linus Nylund
Image by Linus Nylund


We rally the kindness in people

to meet community needs.

We achieve this mission by conducting events designed to benefit community-based organizations and other nonprofits.  We do not accept requests to assist an individual or family in need.  Instead, we connect Alliance donors with organizations that have been vetted by our Board.  This enables donations of money, goods or time to reach a larger population.

Image by Linus Nylund

Core Values

  • We help people help others by responding quickly to ever-changing community needs.

  • We believe that making connections between donors who want to help and beneficiaries that need help uplifts both and creates a powerful synergy.

  • We believe that people from all walks of life should be able to participate in a way that is meaningful to them whether that is by donating money, goods, or volunteering their time, energy, and passion to help our beneficiaries. 

  • We believe that giving creates an incredible opportunity to improve lives and build a stronger, more caring community.

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The Full Story

The Alliance for Greater Good was launched in August 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, by four co-founders who volunteer their time and energy to rally the kindness in people to meet community needs. 


There was tremendous need facing many populations from school aged youth, families struggling with food insecurity, seniors facing isolation, and local businesses suffering the loss of their livelihood. At the same time, there were many good-hearted people who were eager to help but didn’t know how. The Alliance’s unique contribution, its special formula, was to connect these two groups. The co-founders quickly jumped into action to offer event-based activities that appealed to those who wanted to help others while identifying a variety of beneficiaries who needed the help. A critical component of these events was offering donors different ways to contribute so that everyone who wanted to help could, from volunteering time and resources to donating money. What the Alliance found from its early efforts was that this model successfully created an exciting synergy that resonated with both donors and beneficiaries. 


The Alliance feels fortunate to have been chosen as one of GoodWork’s 2021-23 incubator participants, a program that has provided an extraordinary opportunity to receive assistance in further developing the organization as a nonprofit.  At the same time, the Alliance is continuing to sponsor the events that are at the heart of its mission to meet community needs through rallying the kindness in people.

In 2022, the Alliance for Greater Good became a non-profit corporation in New Hampshire, registered as a Charitable Trust in New Hampshire, and achieved recognition as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS.

What People Say

"I'm so happy to answer the phone when someone from the Alliance for Greater Good calls me.  I know they are coming up with another way to support our community and make it better...the Alliance for Greater Good is an awesome partner which really is doing Good in our community."

Seneca Bernard


"The Yoga @ Sunset event was the best part of my week. I am so thankful that you (the Alliance) are focused on the important job of caring for others during these crazy times. It felt good to know we were supporting a great cause while enjoying a beautiful night of self-care."

Wendy Joanis

Event Participant

..."The cards and the well-organized, decorated boxes are in the “WOW” category. We are humbled by the thoughtfulness of your generous elves. These are trying times...and it clearly takes a village. We are so glad the Alliance of Greater Good is part of it...”>>>>>>

Natalie Allen

The Edgewood Centre

"The Alliance for Greater Good does not do anything by halves. When one of those hard working women calls me, I know a generous donation is on its way. Thank you for your contributions to our community."


Ellen Tully

Portsmouth Welfare Dept.

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