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1,500 Holiday Cards Delivered to Assisted Living Residents

The Alliance celebrates the 4th year of Share the Joy, a holiday card writing campaign for residents of local assisted living facilities.  It’s one of our most popular events, says Joanne Wolfe, Alliance co-founder and Treasurer.  We have several supporters that participate every year by writing personalized notes full of good wishes and cheer.

“It is my favorite thing to do during the holiday season. Thanks to you and your team for organizing this important event…”     - Debbie, card-writing elf in 2021, 2022 & 2023    

Sharing the Joy This Holiday Season

The Alliance delivered 1,500 cards to seven Seacoast-area assisted living centers.  475 residents received colorful cards containing messages of joy, hope, and love, along with cookies donated by the Alliance for Greater Good.

This year participating facilities included Benchmark at Rye, Edgewood Centre, Langdon Place, Partridge House, Residence at Silver Square, Webster at Rye, and Wentworth Senior Living.  Most facilities provided a list of residents’ first names and a fun fact about each resident, which enabled our card writing elves to craft a personal message.  The Alliance as well as the assisted living residents greatly appreciated the kindness shown by 333 card writers, including 204 college, high school, and elementary school students. 

“I just wanted to thank you for the lovely cards! The residents read them over lunch, and they were appreciated. One of my ladies said she was going to read them again later.  You made a lot of people happy…” - Lisa Boudreau, Memory Support Program Director at Partridge House

The Alliance also thanks Matt Leighton from WMUR who helped broadcast the call for elves.  Teachers from Atkinson Academy, New England College and others reach out to the Alliance after watching the WMUR Spirit of Giving clip

Volunteers sort and organize 1,500 cards, getting them ready for delivery to the assisted living facilities.

“Through Share the Joy, we are reminded of how simple acts of kindness can brighten the day for others and ourselves.  For our card writers, there is joy in crafting a personalized note or drawing a beautiful picture.  For our card recipients, there are smiles knowing that someone is thinking about them this holiday season and wishing them joy, happiness, and good cheer,” shares Julie Johnson, Alliance co-founder and President.  Here are just a few of the comments received from some of the card writing elves.

“I so enjoyed sending out cards. My mom was in an assisted living for 7 years until she passed last year and there were so many who never had visitors and were lonely. I look forward to more volunteering at your organization!” - Leah 

“Again, this year my students loved making them (cards) and put so much effort into this project!  Count on us next year!... - Emily, 3rd & 4th grade teacher, Rollinsford Grade School 

“Thank you for the opportunity to be an elf and participate in the 'Share the Joy’ program, which is very well organized and heartfelt.  It gave me great pleasure to write to the residents and hope my greetings bring some measure of joy to them this holiday season.” - Karen            

The Alliance thanks its assisted living facility contacts, card writing elves, volunteers, and WMUR for spreading joy this holiday season.

For more information or to share ideas for future events, email the Alliance for Greater Good at, visit its website and follow it on Facebook and Instagram to learn about future events.

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