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1,200 holiday cards delivered to Seacoast area seniors

The Alliance for Greater Good shares a post about its recent holiday card-writing campaign-- Share the Joy.

Alliance co-founders Joanne Wolfe (l) and Lisa Vivinetto (r) with Edgewood Centre Director of Resident Relations, Natalie Allen

1,200 holiday cards delivered to Seacoast area seniors

Over 115 volunteers plus students from the Horace Mitchell Primary School and the Rye Junior High School wrote and/or made over 1,200 holiday cards for seniors living at Benchmark at Rye, Edgewood Centre, Webster at Rye, and the Wentworth Senior Living Center.

The Alliance for Greater Good delivered the boxes of cards on Monday, December 20, 2021, along with trays of cookies that were donated by local area bakeries which were greatly appreciated by the staff and residents.

“… a HUGE thank you for having coordinated and delivered the boxes of cards and gifts to our residents. The cookies were also appreciated and devoured by staff. All of our residents so appreciated the high-quality cards, thoughtful, personalized content and commented on the beauty of being remembered. The power of community is what fuels us all after a long 22 months.” Natalie Allen, Edgewood Centre

The Alliance is so grateful for the many elves who volunteered their time writing and making cards to bring joy to the recipients at these local senior care facilities. The Alliance loved hearing from the volunteers. Some elves invited neighbors over to help write the cards.

“I normally buy my 2 neighbors Christmas gifts and this year I asked them cards with me and we had a great night..."

Other volunteer card-writing elves recruited their children or grandchildren to help make cards. “My daughters and I tremendously enjoyed sending love to our 10 friends (residents)," shared another volunteer.

The donations of cookies from the Hannaford stores in Portsmouth and Hampton, and the Shaw’s and Market Basket grocery stores in Stratham were very appreciated and helped lift the spirits of the staff at the facilities.

The Alliance co-founders express their heartfelt gratitude for the kindness that shone brightly this holiday season by its volunteers and the local grocery stores. Thanks for sharing the joy!

Alliance co-founders, Lisa Vivinetto, Kathryn Garcia, Julie Johnson, and Joanne Wolfe sorted, organized, and packed 1,200 cards for delivery to local long-term care facilities.

For more information or to share ideas for future events, email the Alliance for Greater Good at, visit its website and follow it on Facebook to learn about future events.

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What a wonderful gift you are giving back to the community. I'm so happy to be able to participate in this wonderful experience. YOU Ladies are simply the very BEST!!


Such a wonderful thing! So proud to know you all!!

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