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Meet our Board of Directors and Preview Upcoming Events

The Alliance for Greater Good takes steps toward becoming a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization and also shares upcoming events.

Alliance for Greater Good Board Members- Bonnie Blaisdell, Joanne Wolfe, Julie Johnson, Lisa Vivinetto, and Kathryn Garcia

Meet our Board of Directors and Preview Upcoming Events

The Alliance is excited to announce that it has completed key milestones towards becoming a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. One of those milestones was the creation of its initial Board of Directors in March, including new addition, Bonnie Blaisdell. The Alliance hopes to expand its Board in the upcoming months. Click here to learn more about the Board.

During the month of May, the Alliance received its registration as a Charitable Trust in New Hampshire and submitted its filing for tax-exempt status (501c3) with the IRS. It hopes to achieve this status by the end of August.

“We'd like to give a shout out to Maria Sillari, COO of GoodWork, who has served as our coach and to Katie Grazier, Cofounder & COO of the Portsmouth Music and Arts Center, who has served as our mentor. Their energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the non-profit industry have been instrumental to our success as a part of GoodWork's incubator program." - Julie Johnson, Alliance President & Cofounder

Additionally, the Alliance has laid out its event plan for 2022. Click here to see a sneak preview of our upcoming events, which give you opportunities to donate time, goods, and/or money to help others in need.

“Now that we have completed key administrative objectives, we're excited to rally the kindness in others through seven upcoming events, including a Donor Appreciation Day. We appreciate the support you have shown us since our founding in 2020 and look forward to continuing our efforts this year.” - Lisa Vivinetto, Alliance Vice President & Cofounder

For more information or to share ideas for future events, email the Alliance for Greater Good at, visit its website and follow it on Facebook.

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